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If you are here, you must be a fan of anime/manga
and these lovely collectibles!

Welcome to Omocha House!

We are an official registered e-Commerce retail company since 2013 that specializes in bringing you a wide range of brands of collectible items and merchandise. We carry brands like Good Smile, Megahouse, Hot Toys, Threezero, Banpresto, Bandai, Aniplex, Kotobukiya and many more! We are also official partner shop of GSC and Kotobukiya. Whether you are a collector of J-anime or western comic book superheroes, there is something for you! Step right in!

If you are an avid toy collector, you must have visioned that one day you are going to fill up your house with all your toy collection display! Omocha House was born under such vision. ‘Omocha’ means toys in Japanese and that’s exactly what we set out to achieve; to turn every collector’s house into an ‘omocha house’ with an awesome array of displays!

Over the years, we have gotten to know many fellow collectors and fans, expanded our customer base and established ourselves as one of the trusted and reliable retailers in this field. Proceed with ease and we hope you will have a pleasant experience buying at Omocha House!

Stay connected with us in our Facebook and Instagram for daily updates of pre-orders, arrivals and interesting shares of anime related news and posts!

Company Slogan

“Collector’s Pride, Buyer’s Passion”

Do you love anime and manga and its culture? Are you proud of your collection of your favourite anime/manga characters or comic books superheroes? Has anyone ever mocked your collection hobby and still you are collecting till this day? If so, you have the “Collector’s Pride and Buyer’s Passion” spirit in you!

We know it ain’t easy, over the years we have seen all too many who gave up their collection due to whatever reasons and we fully respect their decision. But only the most passionate of collectors continue and marched on no matter how tough it may be. Love it, buy it and be proud of it!

Company Background

The Omocha House story started in December 2011 when I first came into contact with these collectible items in a trip to Taiwan. Back in Singapore, I started to read up on various brands and series and began my collector’s journey in 2012.

In 2013, I decided to start up my own business due to the immense interest and passion in this field. Thanks to the massive support from our friends and customers, Omocha House grew from a side-business to a full-time home business since 2020! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to have come this far. We hope we can continue to serve you for the next 8 or even 18, 28 years! 8 years passed, I am still the passionate collector I was before. For as long as this love is on-going and the flames within keep burning, we will be of service to you at Omocha House!

Our Mascot

Meet Rinka-chan! Our mascot, depicted in “gi jin ka” (擬人化, Personification) of a Lion girl with a flaming tail tip.

What’s a mascot for if the mascot doesn’t serve any purpose other than just being cute? Rinka was personally idea-created from scratch by myself and through the artistic works of a personal friend, over many rounds of discussions and editing, materialised into what she was before and has now taken on a new form as we grow!

“Rinka”, written in Chinese and Japanese kanji is “凛火”. As her name and our company’s slogan suggest, a lion is an icon for ‘Pride’ (凛) and the flaming tip symbolises ‘Passion’ (火). She is everything that Omocha House represents!



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