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The Omocha House Story

In December 2011, my wife and I visited Taiwan’s Xi Men Ding shopping district. We went into a shop that was full of anime collectibles and related merchandises.

Being an anime fan, it felt like heaven to be inside that shop surrounded by figurines and all sorts of collectibles. That was the very first time we actually really came into contact with these anime figurines and stuffs, I got to learn about the various figure series such as Portrait of Pirates, Figuarts Zero, Banpresto, Megahouse and etc. I almost wanted to buy a Thousand Sunny model but eventually due to luggage constraints, I had to give up the idea.

Back in Singapore, I bought my very first figure from ebay; a Figuarts Zero (New World Ver) Monkey.D.Luffy (I am a hard core One Piece fan!). However, being a rookie for the first time buying, it turned out to be a bootleg (term used for fake figurines)!



Not giving up, I bought my second figure, Figuarts Zero One Piece (New World Ver) Roronoa Zoro… and unfortunately, it was another bootleg!! 



I started reading up more information regarding this and eventually got to learn more details about differentiating between genuine and bootleg figures.

After collecting several One Piece Figuarts Zero figures, I bought my first Portrait of Pirates (POP) figure, Admiral Akainu because he's one of my favourite characters in the series! The details were awesome and immediately I fell in love with it. When I bought him, I actually only wanted to buy a few characters which I like just for collection, but it was that moment that I was awed by the feeling of collecting these figures, that a few days later when I was shopping and I saw POP Aokiji... Yup, you guessed it! That was the start of the "Avalanche". XD

Since then, it became such a passionate hobby that I began collecting almost every single POP figure, some Figuarts Zero, Door Painting Collection Figure (D.P.C.F), ship models, puzzles and my collection grew and became what it is today.


(Picture taken in August 2012)


(Updated picture taken in April 2013. To date X figures, 1267 comic books and still counting...)


These aren't useless toys that are a waste of money according to some people around me. For us, I believe they are precious collectibles of our favourite anime or manga that we worked hard for to collect. To me, there is something call "Collector's Pride" whereby I am proud to say that I am a true collector. As much as they could cost quite an amount, but it is the passion that drives me to continue to pursue what I like. 

Driven by this sense of pride and passion, Omocha House was born! I like what I do now and I'm really enjoying it! I want to help spread this love for collecting collectibles to others who share the same passion! I have a dream. I wish to have my future house fill with all my figures and comic books collection. It will be like a toy house, a.k.a Omocha House!

Take pride in what we do, continue to burn this passion. Together, We Go! :)


The Adventure begins...

Meet Rinka-chan! Our mascot, depicted in “gi jin ka” (擬人化, Personification) of a Lion girl with a flaming tail tip.



Rinka, written in Chinese and Japanese kanji is “凛火”. As her name and our company’s vision suggest, a lion is an icon for Pride (and the flaming tip symbolises Passion (). Stay tuned, she is the start of an adventure, and the journey begins from here...

Join Rinka-chan as we fill our house with toys and build the dream “Omocha House” together! 


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